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Posted on November 18, 2017

I’m really sorry, this course has now sold out. Please feel free to contact me about other courses or pick another date here:


Kynance Cove

Posted on November 28, 2014

June 22, 2014 was hot- very hot in a non british hot way. Even thinking made you sweat. And I had a lot to think about, mostly I was thinking, where to park my car so it doesn’t heat up like a pizza oven. So I ventured out into the heat a couple of times, leaving my cramped full, darkened workshop, to move my van into a reasonably shady spot (not easy on a rural farmyard).

I was thrilled when Sarah Falugo asked me to provide the florals for her latest styled shoot project. I had it all clearly sketched in my head: extremely understated almost colourless, classy greenery, only the faintest hint of some very blushed something. And then she hit me with: just an idea, do you think its possible to add some purple to the colour scheme? Purple!!!
I think my strange relationship with this colour comes from an excessive overindulging in my first flower season. The garden was a sea of purple in all its shades, but mainly really purple purple and I loved it. It might be comparable with the passionate dislike of a strong alcoholic substance that you got really drunk on in your wild teenage years. I still find vermouth an alien concept. But back to purple. Once I got over the shock I started looking into escape routes- aubergine, plum almost black things. My excitement came back. I could pull off purple.   IMG_7678 IMG_7619IMG_7584

Late afternoon we all meet at the car park on top of Kynance Cove. A handful of determinate wedding professionals, one very pregnant, more or less ready to track down half a mile of coast path, heavily loaded with flower buckets, cakes, camera equipment, wedding dresses, garden furniture… it was worth it. Kynance Cove is special. words fail to describe its beauty. Time to let the images take over.   IMG_7758   IMG_7754 IMG_7718IMG_7710 IMG_7738 IMG_7742IMG_7751rsz_img_7744-e1417130980212
It’s a shoot that has filled me with joy and excitement. I want to thank Amanda mainly for enduring my bad driving and for being by my side for much needed moral support and helping Charlotte fearlessly setting up the table and the details. So good to have friends around. Oh, nearly forgot to say thank you Jess – you are beautiful and fantastic to work with.


If you want to see the result of our hard work, it’s been featured on Love My Dress and Flowerona

Maria Senvo
Alison-Jayne Couture
Claire Hawkes Design

Shot at Kynance Cove.

I’m blogging!!!

Posted on November 23, 2014

imageimageNovember bits  So very exciting! A new website and my first ever blogpost. I’m feeling slightly sick and nervous, a bit like the first time behind a wheel. Better keep it simple today. Instead you get bombarded with pictures from today’s procrastination.